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Answers to the most frequently asked questions

1. Is it possible to compile your own tulip bouquet?
Yes, with our unique mix 'n’ match concept, you can order tulip bulbs per piece. Plant them from September to December and enjoy a beautiful bouquet of tulips in April and May. Start selecting your tulip bulbs right away.
2. What are the delivery costs?
We deliver purchases over €50 to your home free of charge. Is your order under that amount? Then € 5.95 delivery costs will be charged.
3. How can I pay?
You can pay easily and securely using iDeal.
4. Do you have gift cards available?
Currently we do not yet offer gift cards. Do you want to surprise somebody in another way? Enter his or her address and we’ll deliver it to the lucky recipient!
5. Can I see what I have ordered?
If you have created an account, you can retrieve all your previous orders. This is particularly handy if you want to enjoy beautiful tulips again next year.
6. Do you also sell accessories such as vases?
No, not yet! We do, however, recommend Bloemenleven wholeheartedly!
7. Can I specify the day on which I’d like to receive my tulips?
Of course! Indicate this at the checkout when you order and we’ll ensure that deliver is on your day of choice.
8. What should I do if my order has not been delivered?
Well, that’s obviously something we want to avoid and something we’ll therefore do everything we can to prevent from happening. In the unlikely event it does happen, please contact us. We’ll ensure that your order reaches you as soon as possible!
9. What will happen to my flowers if I’m not at home at the time of delivery?
Given that flowers must be delivered within 24 hours in order to avoid dehydration, we will deliver the order to your neighbours
10. How do I take care of my tulips?
You obviously want to enjoy the tulips for as long as possible. Below you’ll find a number of tips to keep them looking beautiful for a long time:

Step 1. Use tap water at room temperature.
Step 2. Change the water regularly
Step 3. Cut the stems diagonally
Step 4. Always place a vase of tulips in a cool, shaded place away from fruit bowls.
11. How long will the tulips last?
If given proper care, a bunch of tulips will bloom beautifully for 5 to 8 days.

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