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How it started

Our family has been in the tulip industry since 1972. Granddad Thijs Boots started growing tulips out of a passion and love for flowers. The smiles on buyers' faces with every tulip he sold on his flower stall put a smile on his. True flower lovers know the power of a beautiful tulip! Fresh flowers spread a wonderful scent throughout their house, an explosion of beautiful colours and weeks of pleasure.

Regrettably, flower stalls have all but disappeared from our streets today. Tulips are now sold in supermarkets and at petrol stations. It’s a shame, because all the time spent at intermediaries and in transit means the bulbs and flowers make it into the ground and vase far too late!

And now
A bouquet of joy from the farmer straight to your home

It is precisely for these reasons that we have decided to bring back Granddad's tulips. Do away with all the middlemen. Ensure that our tulips are delivered fresh from the field to your home. And in so doing, we hope to bring back the traditional, genuine tulip experience. Not some sad bouquet that starts to droop after the first week.

Special tulips
Special flowers and craftsmanship is our family’s passion! We’ve developed unique, new tulips with the help of special breeding techniques since 1989. About forty tulip varieties have been selected from our breeding process now - selected to be here to stay - and half of them are delightfully double-flowered. Last year, the third generation took over, as our farm remains fully committed to creating brilliant new varieties. And we will continue to plant them in the traditional manner: by hand.

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