Our approach

From the farmer to your front door

Straight from the field

We breed and grow our own flower bulbs. The entire range of Tulpentekoop.nl comes from our own nursery: straight from the field to your garden or vase - cutting out the middleman -  saving time, effort, transport and energy, making the joy of tulips even more sustainable. And it means we can guarantee the very best quality! For we know like no other where the tulips have come from.

Each year, we contribute the most beautiful and exclusive tulip varieties to the famous Keukenhof flower gardens in Lisse.

Selected with love

The breeding process

What exactly makes our tulips so unique? For one, you can’t get them anywhere else! Our family has been using the same breeding technology for many years. It allows us to create tulips that have an even better, more beautiful and longer flowering life. We develop new varieties of tulips that are more resistant to disease, for instance: good for nature, great for the tulip itself and wonderful for the variety in your home.

Did you know that patience is a virtue when it comes to breeding tulips, too?
 For it takes almost ten years for a seed to yield a bulb that will bloom.

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